Yaaay! Los Angeles Pianist, Keyboard Player….Recording Session!!

I get FBed…at 7:31p on Thursday night.”A friend recommended you for keys on the song I’m working on”.

I’m thrilled! I love new artists I’ve never worked with and expecially ones who write super beautiful songs and need keyboard now…:  )

We set up a session for Friday night after my gig at Braemar Country Club. I bring my rig down to Echo Bar Studios and sit in the crazy nice room with Diane and Bob Horn…yes people! Bob has mixed everyone. He mixed this one too. 

And we make these really beautiful runs through and put some keys down and a few passes through on piano. 

And then I go home thinking…”that was so amazing! I love Diane, I love Bob…I love life!” 

And today…5 days later..here’s the amazing song! Hope you like. 

I love making the world more beautiful for a living! 

Life IS Beautiful!

Love HAS  Won! :  )


Let me know if I can help you with anything! 

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