Wow! Unique Los Angeles Wedding Cememony Piano Music! : )

I recently  played a wedding ceremony where the couple heard a very awesome Version of a Wedding March by a pianist on the internet.

They wanted me to play it and really liked it. I was learning it but then I had the idea that I could take the basic idea that the pianist on the internet had-which was basically a beautiful contemporary rendition of the Mendelssohn Wedding March- and improvise a version that would be…AMAZINGLY Beautiful and perfect for her Brides Maids and her the most awesome  Bride. And, on top of that would be a totally unique Wedding March for that her and her perfect wedding. And perfect for that day and that setting.

Anyway I went over it with the Bride and she liked the idea.

So that’s what I did…and It was beautiful. And I got quite a number of compliments on how beautiful the piano was on the wedding ceremony.

I thought maybe it could be a cool thing for other Brides too!

I mean a totally unique wedding march. It could be based on some other piece of music or even on a particular artist.  But it would be totallyl unique.

Anyway I know I loved playing for that wedding and the Bride and Groom were very awesome to play for and so I’m mentioning it!: )


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