Wonderful Weddings : A Los Angeles Pianist’s Perspective!


What a step in life!! It’s amazing to be part of a day in someone’s life that is so big and beautiful.



Everyone’s excited at a wedding! : ) There’s nothing quite like it. There’s love in the air. There’s a hope and adventure.There’s a new start. It’s like spring.


The ceremony is beauty. The bride and groom look amazing. The table, settings the care that goes into it. Each little part oozes detail. And beauty.


What artist did not want to help create that? :  )

The future depends on weddings!

Marriage makes great things for the future.

And much to look forward to.

The music is a back drop for all that,a soundtrack. And music  that embodies all of that works very well.

And it can be it standards, or Coldplay or Bach.

I always enjoy being part of that whole creation. I like to make it special for everyone there that I can.

I like to work with the bride and groom and find out what they love and make that happen for them.

It’s a big beautiful exciting day.It’s a pleasure to be part of that.

I mean what if every day was like that? : )


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