Why would a Pianist Love Los Angeles


Millions of people…they have to get married…

And be entertained so there are

1000s of venues!

And they entertain…so there are Parties..and

there are tons of people who care about things so there

are tons of fundraisers and

Lots of amazing Pianos…




People are more into art in Los Angeles per capita than anywhere else

or any time in Western Civilization!

And there are

Film producers, Music Porducers….

And actors..and famous amazing people!!

The TV industry!

and they all need music, beautiful music!

I love playing piano and singing and writing and producing music!

So…I love Los Angeles! : )

It’s an awesome place to live!

2 thoughts on “Why would a Pianist Love Los Angeles”

  1. I’d love to hear you play and to find out more about your life. The last time I saw you, you were a small boy! 🙂

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