Why Los Angeles Pianist Vocalist Marc Bosserman?

Ok so you’re having a party and want the music to be amazing.Or you’re getting married and want it to be super special and wonderful…or….you need a pianist/vocalist for a fundraiser that rocks…

Well…there are a lot of amazing musicians in Los Angeles so…why Marc Bosserman?

How about….

14–and growing……5 Star Yelp Reviews?

5 Stars Pianist
5 Stars Pianist

Check them out here…




How about...350 gigs a year…for the last several years Marc Played 350 gigs a year or more.. ¬†Sometimes as many as 3 in one day….equals…seasoned.!!

How about Marc-also produces music for film/TV and multi media…so you get a sound track for your day, event, party that fits and is just what you want only…better.

How about…check out the testimonials on the right sidebar….all totally uncut…actual client statements. ¬†We’re super proud of them.

Huge Repertoire…songs for all ages and

Song List here….


How about contact and find out how upbeat he and Joni are to work with to make your day amazing!

Thanks for even considering us! We love to play fantastic and amazing music for cool people.

The Pianist Los Angeles
The Pianist Los Angeles








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