Whooooo Hooooo! 8 Los Angeles Pianist Gigs in One Week! : )


Yep and with the new one playing for kids and families!! Wow!

Who would have thought that playing in “a mall” be so much fun?

it certainly was for me and the families, and folks this weekend! : )

I got to play Citrus Plaza in the Redlands,CA, and boy was it a drive and

a big set up, yes– BUT, It was so great to get out and play for young people and babies!

as well as
everyone else!!

And I set up right in front of the Starbucks! : )

I loved it!

I’d forgotten how fun that can be!! : )

Many thanks to Ed Dart who called me last week and booked me to play this gig.

I hope he calls again! : )

And then with that and everything that made…….8 gigs last week!!


Ok, Yes, It’s true–I’m a “play-music-a holic”!!

Click here to find out where I’m playing–this week.

And how about if you add in the lessons and songwriting….Whew!!

That all makes me a happy “play-music-a-holic!!”

Oh and don’t for get the TV and Film music!! : )

I’m having a big surge in that area at the moment! : )

I don’t have that posted yet but you can try…

Here to hear some of my music!


Or photos here!

Here to book me for something!

And of course you should just decide to and have a most amazing week.

Go for it!! : )



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