Whole Lotta Shakin’ : ) Going On Going On!

Rats, I had wanted to really “do a number” here but I’m sort of pressed for time… Big Day tomorrow and I gotta get up early!

Any way… Here we go. It’s been a wild last couple of weeks!


Photos! Galore!!

I just got some great photos of Emerald Man I want to post and probably will in the very near future! : )

And I posted a bunch of recent photos!

It’s a Date!

I did just update my gigs page with some dates from Vitello’s! Etc…: )


The gig gods have been smiling indeed. I’ve been playing 6 of 7 gigs a week for several weeks and no sign of slowing down!

Actually this week 6 gigs and wrote a song and helped a Solomon get his AWESOME release ready to release! And I’m running down a few new rags for The Varnish and wherever else! : )

I do love working! : ) (ok, it’s playing)

Power Trio!
The Power Trio

In this photo Doron Eszanazi-drums and Eric Zimmerman-yes-bass! We had just wrapped up an really nice party to a very appreciative group!

Gentry What??

And I’m working with Gentry Akens whom  you will likely be hearing much more about! Oh yes!

His voice will really blow you away! More to come….

The New Song Rocks!

I love the new song that Kevin and I are writing! It’s really cool! : ) Music page is here to hear other gems!

Day of Birth!!

You are encouraged to make my birthday a national or international holiday and celebrate with abandon! Its on Friday! Aug 20! Don’t forget. I am accepting presents of any size and color! : )

Upper Right had corner of this page…..See?

Reckless Abandon!

I will be living life with reckless abandon and hope you will too….. Thanks for stopping by my website and visiting!



Pianist Eve View of a Party at Vitello's!

This party was so awesome. Two great famlies. Great people, all! They were basically all lucky! : )

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