What’s So Great About Being a Los Angeles based Pianist/Singer? : )

Sometimes I wonder if my “job” will ever start seeming like a job.

I doubt it.

In the first place. I mean,I get to play the piano and sing and entertain people for a living.

I loved what jazz pianist Chick Corea said when he got his latest Grammy earlier this year.It was something to the effect of:

As musicians we share this…we all make the world a more beautiful place to live in.

I love that. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

And, another point: variety!

No gig one day to the next is ever the same.

I happen to play at different venues every day. And even my regular gigs are never the same.

There are always different people and people are in different moods and I’m always learning something new. New songs, new stuff to try out on the piano etc…

And Los Angeles is just awesome. There are so many cool people and so many venues and events it’s a dream to work in this city.

And then there’s:

Interaction. No interaction is ever the same. It’s just different to play ” Leaving on a Jet Plane” for an 8 year old or an child of the 60s. It’s just not the same.

No wedding will ever be..just another wedding…just like no birthday even of the same person is the same.

So, that’s the fun part of it. What is right for today? What’s right for this couples wedding?

And I’m afraid that’s just never going to be anything but fun!! : )

Another thing that’s just cool about LA is..personalities. Man, there are cool people in Los Angeles .

I’ve heard there are more artists living in this city than have ever lived in in any city in the history of Western civilization.

And so I’ve had the total fortune to play for many well known and not so well known but nonetheless amazing artists.

What other city could you play for John Travolta, Drew Barrymore, Bonnie Raitt, Cameron Diaz, Foster the People, Shel Talmy…etc,etc…cool!

Actually there are days when I revel, I wonder, I rejoice..I not only can but, I get to do this and make a living doing it!!



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