Westlake Village Pianist Vocalist – Parties, Showers, Reviews!

Westlake Village Pianist Vocalist – now there is a fun gig! : )

I recently have had the pleasure of playing several privte envent in the Westlake Village area. Both were a blast.

The first was a Birthday Party for several members of a womens group. Very beautfiul to play for all the ladies. They all wanted to dance and so we played about an hour fo music that they could dance.

I even had a singer with a lovely voice and a good time was had by all.

The next even was a beautiful baby shower.

It was a lovely day and I was set up outside by the pool and just played requests and favorites.

The Grandfather of the new Mother, who was a dancer who won a national dance competition back in the day, got up and danced several times.

Remarkably he was 103 years young. And also remarkable, I found out he is a practicing lawyer as we speak.

It is always rather beatiful to have people get up and dance when I’m playing solo piano and singing.

It’s like performing with other artists. Always a joy.

Westlake Village Pianist Vocalist – Reviews!

Here is a review of the Shower Performance.

Don’t bother looking anywhere else!!

Simply a delightful person. You can bet he knows how to really entertain and adopt his style to to the audience! A rare gift.He know how to go with the flow with occasion. His voice sound like a mixture of Sting and Rod Stewart. Hire him with any reservations. You’ll thank me. Trust me.

Reviews Best Pianist Los Angeles!

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