Well since I love to play life is fantastic!!

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I have a pretty amazing life.

I get to play music for people, and create music. That’s rad!

This week I have a very full week. I’m doing about 5 gigs at least… I say at least because it’s not over til it’s over! They are listed out here for the most part!

: )

I’m writing songs with Kevin Holt and Dr Dan and maybe you if you ever get off your artistic suppression kick. Oooooo! hurts doesn’t it. : )I really like both of the songs we’re writing.

I have been updating all kinds of things all over the internet. You can click on the side bar and if you are on any of those sites let me know. I do love the internet.

I have a fundraiser in Sacremento later this week that I’m way excited about. I played there last year. I’m learning new stuff for the Dr Dan song on doing sheet music so I’m adding that to my repertoire. Don’t want to totally bore you, but it’s sort of exciting if you’re me. lol

2009-04-26pasa (111 of 385)

I got this one web site that let’s you send video and photos to your Facebook and Twitter from your phone how rad is that?? It’s called Zannel.

I’d love it if you would leave comments about songs on my web site. You can click on any song on my music page and it will go to a page of that song and you can comment at the bottom.

Heck comment about anything on this site. I’ll love you more if that’s possible.

Emerald Man is getting soooooooooooooooooooooooo exciting. There is going to be a whole production of it by a high school. We’re doing a whole rewrite, new songs!! Wow!! Emerald Man lives!!

I’m glad to be working my butt off and playing music.

Let me know if there’s any help you need. Create the daylights out of life. It’s sooooooooo much more fun that way!!


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