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Wow! fantastic week.

Monday, Parkway Grill. Such a nice place. Great food, Yamaha Piano! : )

Tuesday…Me and the power trio played at Jax and had a great time.

The Power trio is myself, Piano,  Marty Buttwinick, bass and Ben Beckley, drums, we all played phenomenally and basically tore the place up.

First time at Jax with the trio. The only other time I had played there was as a “sub” solo pianist a couple of years ago.

Tues we really had a blast. Joni brought a few friends from her work and Jierra came down and sang her heart out as usual!!!

She is just one of my all time favorite singers.

I heard so many nice comments and great feedback. And even Vic came down!

A good time was had by all.

Then Thurs night I was at the Left Coast Wine Bar and Gallery.

Never had played there. But that was awesome. First off they have a really nice sound system.

And it’s beautiful, it’s an art gallery.

Cheryl and Claudia and Joni all came and sang with me and for me and then.

The owners who are awesome, had me singing Billy Joel stuff and Beatles and Elton John  and and and and everyone danced and they even wanted me to play…. what I always love…. Originals!! YO!! LIfe is good!

About two hours into it the guy who was working there busts out his tap shoes and starts Tapping to “Tiny Dancer”.

Which was amazing. His name is Ferderick! And Frederick can tap!!

Made the night!

It’s a cool place right across from the Americana. I am going to play there again.

Saturday night was this cool release of the film I scored called “Invisible”. It’s the first film I have scored and I hadn’t seen  it for quite a while and the music has been all mastered and all the special effects and WOW!!! It’s really sweet. Everyone loved that too. : )

Love is good!

Trailer is here.


I love to play. I’ve got to get out and play more.

Today I’m in the studio with  Marty and we’re wrapping up one of his that’s destined for greatness. It’s so catchy! It’s called “Hello, I Love you Dear!”.

Ok… and then Emerald Man, the musical, the one I wrote… that’s awesome,  is……..

Wow!! Well, Janet (my co-writer on Emerald Man)sent me this email that she recieved… I may post it!

This amazing Drama Teacher on the East  coast loves Emerald Man and wants to do a production at his High School and he’s done amazing productions with his High School Drama Class…See, he was looking for the coolest, new musical out there and…found E Man!

Is that cool or what!?

Well I’m excited. You can get more dope on E man here.

So..Life is hot and she’s fast!

Have a fantastic week!

If  you need music or a friend. Call me.



In the meantime create beauty!

Contact Here! : )

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