Wedding Wire and This Here Los Angeles Pianist

File this under piano player wedding ceremony.

I love making perfect wedding ceremony music! And, I was very  interested in making  weddings more beautiful!

Furthermore each part of the wedding ceremonies-cocktail hours- receptions need to be amazing.

So I  signed up with Wedding Wire.

Exciting! A whole network of Wedding related internet sites!

Weddings are beautiful. Marriage  is  beautiful.

Beauty is….Yaaay! Why else are we here?

And so here’s a link to my wedding wire site. You will find reviews there etc…

If you are looking for crazy good piano player for your wedding ceremony contact me. Or- Perhaps you want a band for the reception!

Or maybe you are looking for an elegant  pianist and/vocalist for your cocktail me.


Because I’m looking forward to help make a more beautiful world! : )

Piano Player Wedding ceremony and more!


Piano Player Wedding Ceremony 2017 Update!

Wedding Wire-awesome! To be sure, I have booked a number of weddings through it. However, I have booked many more weddings just from people finding this website

or through other web sites where I am featured. And additionally I get many referrals from people who have heard me play at any of my regular haunts or at

other functions.

So, here’s a link to my wedding page on this site.

or if you like this better.

Even the first page of my site

Now, firstly for solo piano for a wedding ceremony music. Here’s a playlist of solo piano from youtube that gives you an idea of the vibe that I can create.

Next we’ll have the cocktail hour. Now we can make it swing or rock out. And you can choose your playlist from an extensive list. Here’s a sample of some piano vocals videos.

Finally, I have put together many bands for many incredible receptions for dancing later…

To sum it all up each of these are super important to me to make them stand out and be spectacular for you.  Consequently the ceremony has to be unique and perfect. The cocktail hour has to be

sparkling and effervescent and the finally reception has to be memorable and fun!


So let me know what you have in mind.

Additionally I wanted to mention you can come hear me play at one of my many gigs. Gig page!

And also to point we can set up a meeting and go through and pick the perfect songs for every aspect of your big day. And make every one really perfect.

Book or Contact for more info!

Looking forward! :  )

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