Wedding Pianist, DJ, MC Los Angeles

Wedding Pianist, DJ, MC Los Angeles!

Introducing Wedding Pianist, DJ, MC Los Angeles!

Saturday was a first for me. My friend Steve Denning ( a badass drummer)  told me that someone he knew needed a pianist for their wedding reception.

I was happy to reach out to the Bride and Groom and see if I might be a good fit and be able to play for them.

Wedding receptions are always fun gig and very beautiful gigs.

I finally got ahold of the couple and as we started to discuss the day and exactly what they needed. And lo, the more we talked it became clear that they wanted someone who could play piano, yes!

But, they also wanted to know if I could MC  ( perform Master of Ceremonies functions )

And factually since I have many times performed at weddings over many years, in fact, I have done these functions without even realizing that it was not specifically a musician job.

The whole time, I never considered that I was being the Master of Ceremonies.

And then though I never have really done DJ duties at this specific wedding they wanted me to play several setlists for the Entrances and for the Dancing at the end of the reception!

Yes, it was a bit of a challenge just because I had to figure out how to coordinate my iPad and the sound system and announcements and hitting play etc.. but once I did it a bit, it was even fun! :  )

Mr. Wedding Pianist,  DJ, MC Los Angeles Is Born!

And by the end of the day, I was suddenly, Mr. Wedding Pianist,  DJ, MC Los Angeles. And loving it! :  )


Truthfully, I ended up having a blast once I got the volume adjusted. I was a bit too low at the very beginning!

And now,  I’m ready for more!

By the way, I always am going to try no matter what the gig is, to deliver better than is expected.

And finally, here are some Yelp reviews to give an idea!


Hire Mr. Wedding Pianist, DJ, MC Los Angeles!

And so, here are some options for more info.


More info Video, etc..

Finally, Let me know if I can help you rock your wedding with style, flair, fun!

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