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Wedding Duo Los Angeles

Fabulous wedding Duo Los Angeles now available!

Marc the pianist Los Angeles has also performed as a duo in many different capacities. It depends on what you are looking for.

For instance, sometimes what when it was wanted is that the combo is small but the event wants dancing, or they just want to keep it more upbeat and rocking.

In this case, a drummer can be added and the vibe will be more appropriate for potential dancing or more rocking! 

At times a bit more class and vibe and an upright bass can add some bottom and character and, being too overbearing. 

Another great variation of a duo is the piano and a trumpet and or Saxophone.  This can give it a more jazz combo vibe and still not require the budget of a full band. 

Marc has also performed with other singers. So a pianist and a female singer. This adds beauty and a wider range of scope of material. 

Wedding Duo Los Angeles Booking!

First off if you would like to see more reviews. Here’s the Yelp page!

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