Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony Music-Yaaay! Love This Feedback!

It’s always a challenge to create the most perfect wedding ceremony music possible!

This one I thought went very well but you never know until you get more feedback…so…

What a beautiful email this was  to get!  :  )

My wife who helps me book my gigs got this……

The Wedding Music Review


Sorry for the delay, it’s been wonderfully busy since our wedding, but I wanted to follow up with you regarding Marc’s performance. Due to the schedule of the wedding, I didn’t get to personally meet or talk with Marc, but was kept up to date with his quick rehearsal (my mother and sister were in the room while he was rehearsing and they were really impressed with his talent). Jim, our wedding party, and I stood at the back of the room while he performed at the ceremony.

Most, if not all, of our guests commented on Marc’s performance later at our reception. We all felt that his sound and presence was wonderful, but what rose above all was the look of sincerity and passion in the two songs he performed. I work a lot with musical and stage performers. I am used to a more “detached” feeling from so many hired performers at a wedding ceremony. Marc was not detached at all. In fact, many of the guest wondered who he was as they felt that he must have been a friend of ours.

So with that said, we with to thank Marc for his service and let you know that we are very happy to recommend him to any of our friends in the SoCal area! The music was absolutely perfect. -Alan



The Honor is all Mine


It was  a great honor to play the wedding ceremony music  for this intimate wedding. And they were specific about exactly the two show tunes they though would be perfect for the ceremony. Both Sondheim. And I just wanted it to be two incredibly beautiful songs ! :   )

The photo is of the venue. The piano was a Steinway. No mic just live natural vocals –at Alan’s suggestion.  A little risky but turned out…perfect!

I  play weddings regularly in the Los Angeles area. And love them.


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