Wedding Band- Los Angeles

This trio loves to play. We can swing and Jazz but we can also rock the house and party down. We love it all and it’s all fun. We  have a great time  and work with the guests and anyone there! Participation is what it’s all about.

LosAngeles Wedding Trio

We can also lay back and be cool and sophisticated and “LA”.

We love to play and are fearless. Huge repertoire.  Sweet for weddings,corporate, parties, fund Raisers, art galleries, play openings, birthdays you name it.

Live music is a blast.

Duo Bass and Piano

We can lay back if you need laid back we can get the place dancing and carrying on if that’s the idea.  Very into the moment and very attuned to what is especially wanted.

Let us know.

Amazing beautiful piano drums bass and Sax music.
Amazing beautiful piano drums bass and Sax music.

We can become a bass and pianist  Duo! : ) And we’re just as able to add a sax or a guitar for either a more Jazz or more  Rock and Roll vibe.  It just depends on what you want and need.






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