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I was playing at Vitello’s last night and a man came in with his daughter. She was wearing a princess costume replete with tiarra.

The man talked to the two people at the table in the corner who were also talking to the little girl.

After a few minutes the guy from the corner table came over and said. That the little girl was autistic and that the dad had brought her in because they were supposed to go to a “ball” that night but when they got there it was already full and they could not get in so they came to Vitello’s because he knew there would be music.

So I sang every disney song I could think of  for the sweet little girl and I think it brightened up  her night a little. And she made all of our nights a little more wonderful!

She waved good night to me about 5 times when they had to leave!

The guy from the corner table came over and said it made his wife cry and that it totally made thier night!

Sometimes life just rocks! : )

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