Vida Loca!


Life is so fast and furious. I have had no time to sit down and bang out a post but…Here’s some  art for you. I took this photo on my back porch. It was a perfect day as you can see. I really like it. I think I was just firing up the pool cleaner.


So just when I thought I was up to my ears I got a bunch more work. I have been gigging steady at the Parkway Grill on Mondays.  I always enjoy it. I love the atmosphere and the people who come in are always wonderful.  Jackie the pianist from the Langham came down last Monday and hung out. And Gloria too came by to hear listen. All the other cool people who just come in because it’s niiiice. The food is amazing.


The Varnish is now my hang on Tuesdays. It is a speak easy vibe with an old Wick Piano. It has a totally 20 and 30s vibe to it.  I’m there 8:30 to 12:30.

Last week I played the Left Coast on Thurs night and met some great people there too. They have a really nice sound system and a Yammaha Upright and It’s such a cool setting.

They just changed the seating so it’s can seat more people and it’s pretty hip.

The owner Rachael owns and an art gallery in addition to Left Coast  and you can tell. It’s… a beautiful gallery.

I played a private event on Sat that was spectacular. I got to jam with Marty Buttwinick on Bass, Carmen Barth on Guitar and Doron Eskanazi on Drums.  We had a total blast playing

mostly more contemporary tunes but hipped out modern. I got to see Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke and Vinnie Colaiuta. Wow!! That was amazing.

This Piano Rocks!
Photo I got on my cell phone…Great Piano I played at a wedding reception.

I played a fundraiser today that was awesome. I got to play with Jeannie Deva and Michael Duff both of whom are amazing singers. And the rest of the band was smoking.

We played a Train tune called “Calling All Angels” and if I don’t mind saying… we actually played it better than the original.

This week coming up looks to be fun. I’m working on a new musical with Kelly Reno! : ) finishing up the “Hello, I Love You” Project with Marty and starting the ball rolling on Kevin’s song. I also look forward to working with Soloman on his tunes. He’s quite a prolific writer and I intend to help him give his songs life.

A party for a film wrap with the trio on Saturday.  And writing galore!!

I could write all day. I could produce in the studio,  Heck I could post updates all day but that would get a little boring for you.

Photos are here. I always post new ones. There are news in the Pianist album and others.  : )

What can I do for you? : )

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