Top Party Pianist Los Angeles

Top Party Pianist Los Angeles — And Loving It!

Being the Top Party Pianist Los Angeles is a heck of a lot of fun.

For instance, I play piano and sing at some amazing parties.

Also, I make friends with so many people! :  )

And, There are just all kinds of amazing parties in the Los Angeles area…


This past week for example. I played at a super fun Party at Westlake Village Hyatt on Thursday It was a for people who may need vendors for Holiday Parties. I love that!

It was super fun. The Hyatt had amazing food. And…there was very cool Harpist in another area. And a super great Caricature artist on the lawn near me as well as a chocolate artist who made one of the most amazing chocolate sculptures I’ve ever seen…

And I won’t lie I just love Westlake Village anything …and now especially the Hyatt where I just got treated like royalty and had so much fun.

Friday day there was a Summer Barbecue Party for Glendale at the Capitol One Bank/Cafe from 11;30-1:30 where I performed with The Happiness Trio.

Top Party Pianist Los Angeles Too

And then on Friday night I played a super fun Family gathering /Birthday party.


Let’s talk about fun. 5 hours of Sinatra, Frankie Vallie, John Legend, Cat Stevens, Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel,  and all kinds of crazy songs from all over the map with the guys singing to the girls and the girls dancing…and the family members had some amazing alternate lyrics.

And then we did some Queen, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, Neil Young…And Oh yeah…there were two Daniels there so we did Daniel twice and Danny’s Song too…

So much fun and amazing food super great home with lots of room to entertain the very fun family. What a party!!

Top Party Pianist Los Angeles

But what do you expect when you’re the top party pianist Los Angeles.

And, by the way…that one was in the lovely city of Walnut!

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