Top 10 Reasons Los Angeles Rocks for Pianists! : )

I was writing the past blog post and then I thought no, this is great top 10 list post!

So here goes!

These are the Top 10 reasons why Los Angeles Rocks for piano players!!

1) more Gigs!!! There are 18 million people in the LA metropolitan area and that means among other things…more gigs! Let’s face it 18 million people go through a lot of music!wpid-IMAG0642.jpg

2) Highly Cultured- more artists is Los Angeles than any other city ever! That means more love for the musicians who are lucky enough to be here and it means that there is a lot of art which makes it really higher expectations it sort of pushes you to stay on the cutting edge…okay,it also means everyone wants their kids to play music. lessons are needed!

3) Film industry–got soundtracks? This means that there are more movies but, also a lot of movies that are trying to rise to the top in the pool which means more work for composers like myself!

4) Southern CA! Ever set up your gear in freezing cold weather ? Enough said!

5) Uber cool People and Celebrities deluxe! I think I get to meet more celebrities In a month than most people might meet in a lifetime! Yes I’ve played for and/or met….Drew Barrymore, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Jones, Isaac Hayes, Cameron Diaz, Chick Corea, Bart Simpson, Foster the People…etc…and people you don’t know their name but…how about the guy I met at my gig on Friday who plays guitar on Dancing With the Stars? Greg Poree! Amazing dude, and he may well come down and jam with me some Friday.

6) Diversity! There are all kinds of different cultures based here there tends to be some very cool mixes of styles and events etc..I’ve played at Latin parties, Armenian, Pilipino, Black, white, Chinese etc…lots of fun! And then you get- Argentinian Chinese etc…you never know but I always find out how awesome everyone actually is!

7) Outdoor weddings and events all year!! Yes I’ve played outdoors all year for parties, weddings you name it. Ok, a few it can get pretty chilly..but overall I love playing under the stars and its just cool!

8) Beaches- I love playing in Malibu,Santa Monica, Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, et’s awesome. Just being near the beach..There is a beautiful vibe all by itself.

9) Beverly Hills, Belle Aire…I’ve played some amazing pianos in some outrageously amazing homes for amazing people in them parts. Mulholland Drive baby, nothing like it! It’s a fairy land!

10) it’s where I live and I’m a piano player and that in it self just Rocks!!

Any way there probably more but that’s how far I got and I reserve the right to add more reasons!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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