Tonight at Left Coast-Met ShelTamlyn/Kit Smythe

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Kit Smythe came in and brought her amazing friend. Shel Tamlyn. Fantastic people. A treat to hang with both or them.

Kit is this amazing stunning red head who incidentally  was the original Ginger on Gilligan’s Island. She has done tons of broadway and off broadway and TV and is one  hell of a singer and personality!!

She brought her buddy Shel Tamlyn. Shel has produced David Bowie, The Kinks, The Who….etc… and is amazing to hang with. Actually he produced the first Kinks records including “You Really Got Me”

It was awesome when he picked up a tamborine and we jammed tonight. Way!!

I think I’m pretty lucky to know both of them. That was a  treat.

Rochelle, (owner/BFF) who has heard me play a million times said tonight I was more amazing than ever!!

I think that Rochelle, and Shel and Kit have everything to do with that.(and two Tom’s)

And yes, I killed tonight!!

I love that about music! The give and take! : )

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