This Day in The Life of a Rock Star!

You know I could have just as easily said “…a Future Rock Star..” but….

I’m speaking in the present because you always speak in present and that makes it true today!

( I am a Rock Star, I am a Rock Star…. I am…)

Now! I guess the idea is to totally disagree with whatever else is there and just make it true.

Apparently that is the way it’s done. That’s what Muhamed Ali did and Julia Child and Julie Powell and Mother Theresa too for that matter… Michael Jordan anyone? You?

Well, here’s my List of Things to Do for today…

1) Practice and Do my Church gig.

I really love this gig. I’ve been doing it for about 2 months now and I have to admit I love almost everything spiritual and I love the pastor and all the people who show up. I love faith. And I love the challenge of Hymns. I don’t often have to read that much and this one I really have to read. And I think I’m doing better and better…. I have to practice more though!!

There are so many great Hymns too. And I’ve realized that… the ones that hang around are not by accident.They are great songs. They are simple, they communicate and they are frankly, art!

How could I have ever thought differently? (This was one of those recent  “ah ha” things for me!)

but…to continue..

2) Solomon’s song. I’m recording and mixing for Solomon Melnick. He’s quite a song writer. I love his songs. I won’t lie.

This one has a bunch of do-wop vocals and I’ve spent quite some time getting them recorded and then edited so that they all really sound and have great harmony.

There are amazing things one can do in a studio these days. Amazing. Last weekend we tracked a bunch of tracks and then I have to go through them all and find everything that works in them and patch it all together into a masterpiece.

Then I’m going to “pitch correct” it… you would not believe the miracle of “pitch correction”. It’s an amazing technology to bring the pitches all up to snuff. I guess not all of them as you have to maintain the beauty of a real person singing and keep it real. I’ve done a bunch of this but it is quite a trick to correct and make it beautiful and real at the same time.

By the way,this track is going to smoke! : )

I’ve taken some tracks that Soloman did with Mel and done some editing on them and I am really liking how it sounds now. Factually Mel’s tracks were inspiring to me as well. He’s quite a producer in his own right! : )

This is Where it All Happens


3) Exercise. I have to exercise. I like to run at least once a week. I’d love to do more If I could figure it out. That’s once a week, 40 mins of a good run. Love it! Gotta run today.

4) Valentino’s Bastard. I’m writing the “Mystics Tango” or ” The Tango of the Mystics”.

I’ve been working on this musical for weeks now as I can. I love this too. Kelley Reno wrote the book and her lyrics and asked me to do the music. I’ve been working on the lyrics quite a bit as I go just to try to make them all cohere. I have about 8 songs written for it so far… And I really do love it. I played one of them at a gig. That was cool because the people I played it for really dug it. The Varnish is perfect for it. I do only pre-50s music there. And this musical is going to be in a 30s style.  Which happens to be a style that I have a ton of affinity with. So “Everyone Loves Olives” went over big at the Varnish.

5) Nina Simone. I want, no, I have to learn more Nina Simone. I finally played “Wild as the Wind” at the Left Coast on Thurs.. It was awesome. I won’t say I played it “well” but I was surprised that it was close… and yes, Nina Simone!

Now there is an Artist. She could play any song and people would hear it and say it was a Nina Simone Song. Wow! A black woman who was Classically trained and sang in a mans range and talked about what ever she was absolutely passionate about. Wow! Wikipedia says she was BiPolar. I doubt that the person who wrote that is or was an artist. Only reason I say that is because she is an artist who is experiencing life and communicating it, amazingly. I love Nina. I would love to do 20 of her songs. But, I want to play them like Nina!! : ) That needs a bit of learning.

6) Monk…I play a few Monk tunes but, I’m amazed at how often people want to hear Monk. And he wrote so many classic “Jazz” tunes. Amazing man, outside the box. True to the muse.  I always freak out when people want to hear Monk…Because Monk is genius and you have to do Monk… to do Monk…His chords and scales are inspirational and challenging.But I have to learn them. Reading Monk on the gig is dangerous. I’m not saying I won’t try it I’m just saying it’s on my list to run some Monk tunes.

7) Promote- My whole life I think about how to promote more. What can I do to get the word out there?  I’m writing this blog. I need to post photos and figure out how to use them and write and email and call clubs and find people to promote to.. . I know that promotion is essential and I am always working on it. I got a new phone that I can send email to lists out on. It has a decent camera. 5 megapixels..: ) I want to use that. I have websites.. but there are always new and better ones…It’s sometimes overwhelming to think about promoting. It’s potentially so vast. But I have a few things I do that work so I do them and then I’m always looking for more.

Don’t promote, don’t eat. I think that that’s a big missing link for many artists who never were known when they were alive. They didn’t promote.  Promoting can be really fun.

7) Figure out how to work more with Marconi- I want to work more with Marconi on my songs and I want to work with Marconi on anything.  This requires some paid work. I don’t really have time to just sit around noodling. I need to work! : 0! So to work with Marconi- the Maestro, the producing icon, I need to figure out how to get work we can both do.  Scheme, scheme. Ideas are appreciated. : )

Well that’s my day today. I got inspired by Julie Powell to write more or less a more sort of blog with more reality on my thought processes. Thanks for reading.

Let me know if you need help, music, a shoulder to cry on, whatever. Look around if you care to. Let me know if you have any questions.


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