The Varnish in Downtown Los Angeles – Tues belongs to Mr Pianist!!

Good luck finding The Varnish.

It’s a speakeasy. If you don’t know where it is you might never find it.

(It’s in the back of Cole’s- look for the door with the cocktail glass and open)

For the past 4 years it’s been my pleasure to play piano there on Tues nights.830-1230


This is a jazz room and that’s one of the very fun things about it for me.

There are no pop tunes at The Varnish it’s strictly stride piano, ragtime, and various forms of jazz.


Monk is ok, Coltrane yes, Brubeck, yes! : )

And one of the best Tuesdays is the last one of the month because it’s TRIO night.

I am joined by a drummer and a bad player and we let it rip!

Come on down and check it out! :  )

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