Terry Trotter, Makes My Day!

I used to play at Vitello’s in Studio City for several years back before the renovations.

I played downstairs in what they called the “green room” presumably because it was green…


It was cool. I played amazing music for cool people having diner and made tons of friends.

And upstairs in the “Sterling Room” they had some of the best musicians on Earth playing there.

Seriously, everybody has played at Vitello’s.

I’ve got quite a few cool stories of meeting people there etc…but one of the most awesome performers

I had the fortune to hear was..

Terry Trotter.

Mr Terry Amazing Trotter! : )


At that time I had actually never heard of him but a good friend Randy had come down to pay homage and said I should come up after I was done  with my gig.

I did…What I heard was about as inspiring as almost any music I’ve ever heard. Terry was playing with Chuck Berghofer on bass and Peter Erskine on drums.

Ok, the music reminded me of the awesome ECM jazz back in the 70s. Beautiful, free, spiritual, honest. this was real.

It moved me.

This was MUSIC!!

To this day if I play “Body and Soul” I try to channel Terry Trotter.. it was powerful!

(never heard of Terry? Google him. He’s played with everyone. Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, MILES DAVIS Yo!! etc..)




Jump to Present!!

Season's 52 Piano


And now imagine my happy surprise when I’m playing in Season’s 52– a mix of pop tunes and Soft rock on Sunday night and this gentleman

who is obviously loving what I’m playing and singing.(ok, I did thrown in a few Standards to fit the clientele)(and I was really communicating my songs!)

Well this cool looking gentleman comes over and introduces himself as Terry Trotter! : ))

And how much he was loving my music!


Made my night I must say. And I have had the pleasure of chatting a minute with one of the greats– people.

One of the coolest parts of making piano music for a living in the City of Angles, right there!!

Thanks again Terry, you totally made my night!


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  1. I met Terry approximately 25 years ago. He became my teacher for the duration of my years in the US. We met for a weekly lesson which changed my playing – no it turned it upside down. In technique, harmony, expression, color. I still remember how during our first lesson I was blown away by his breathing as he played. Everything was subsumed into the piano. Meaning even the breathing was an extension of the piano. And the piano was an extension of him. More than that, we became great friends. It’s been years that we’ve been out of touch, but my heart melts when I think about him, and how much more so when I hear his playing. May he continue in good health for many years to come.

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