Tampa Bay Pianist Marc Bosserman is Here! : )

Tampa Bay Pianist Marc Bosserman is here.

And he’s been here – int he Tampa Bay area- for a year now. And I guess he’s having a beautiful introduction with the area.

I (Marc) arrived on 23 November 2021 with my keyboard and other musical equipment in my car.

Glad to be back in the land where my piano playing had its start.

I had lived in Temple Terrace and gone to grade school and started playing piano during my 4th grade year. I stayed in the area until 10th grade.

But, this time I was coming to the area from my 37-year home in Los Angeles. I was starting a new life.

That’s always a hopeful thing.

I arrived with almost no gigs lined up and not really knowing many musical people in the area.

Despite that, in 2022 I through hard work and lots of meeting cool people – was able to play 455 gigs in Florida and actually overall outperform my 2021 year (where I was primarily in Los Angeles.)

In the past year, I played a 5 or 6-month stint at Beau and Mo’s beautiful Steak House. I played 5 nights a week.

I also had beautiful gigs at The Vinoy, Donatello’s, The Living Room, Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill, Pia’s Veranda, the Tiki Bar, Bon Appetit, The Don Cesar, Treble Makers, etc…

And, I’m not even mentioning tons of private gigs in Sarasota, St Pete, Lakeland, Various Country Clubs, Yacht Clubs etc.. You name it.

I even got to play for a proposal on a boat out in the bay! Fabulous! : )

I’ve also had a boatload of studio production this past year.

I do piano tracks for singer and songwriters who want piano for their songs.

I do full productions for songwriters who want to hear their ideas.

Tampa Bay Pianist

All kinds of fun. I have worked on probably 50 different projects over the past year.

It’s been a very encouraging year and the new year ahead stands to be even more gig and fun filled.

Book Tampa Bay Pianist – Marc Bosserman

You can reach out to me on this site at https://marcbosserman.com/contact

Find a ton of reviews at https://www.yelp.com/biz/marc-bosserman-pianist-and-vocalist-tampa-bay-2

Let me know what you need help with. : )

Videos here: https://youtube.com/@marcbosserman

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