Super Pianist Vocalist Event Music Review!

Super cool 85th bitlrthday! : )

Client Review
Marc was amazing. We hired him to entertain at my Dad’s 85th surprise birthday party. He performed the entire evening – cocktail hour, dinner and after dinner festivities. Prompt and professional. I received so many compliments on booking such a likeable and talented performer. Marc was accommodating when asked to learn a few of my Dad’s favorite songs. His performance contributed to the overall success of the evening. I would most definitely recommend him for any event.

Client Ratings
Cristi gave you the following star ratings based on your service at their event (1=lowest, 5=highest):
Professionalism: 5
Quality of service: 5
Ability to handle special requests: 5
Willingness to recommend to a friend: 5
Overall satisfaction: 5

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