Super Pianist- The Adventure Continues!

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A few highlights worth mentioning from last week…

First I loved the comments that everyone sent back to me last week. That was encouraging. I  love  comments. Actually it made me think, hell I’d  love it if you would leave them on my web site on any post that would ROCK!!  In fact I’m about as close as you can get to being a  comment junkie. Although I’d never admit it…..I’m not a junkie..I’m not….

Anyway, I spend a large portion of my life trying to figure out how to get people  to my entertaining web site and want to make sure they’re entertained when they get there.  And my thought is that your comments are the indicator that you’re entertained although maybe…I’m ….wrong.

But, I digress….Last week I really  loved my Monday at the Parkway Grill. I actually had my best night ever in there. Which is encouraging. I guess I have to admit that I’m getting better and not just treading water. I’m….swimming. Great night!! Great people.

The rest of the week rocked too. But Friday…. Was AMAZING.

I played at Vitello’s. They’ve been upgrading it and changing out the green walls and put new hip decor and lighting in, better and cooler booths etc…

Well Friday was amazing. I met the coolest people. One was Beth Thornley and  her husband Rob. He’s a TV and Film Composer and produces her. She’s an amazing songwriter.

We had a blast. They were the nicest people, asking me to play all kinds of stuff and I got em to sing which was extra cool.

Then these 4 girls came in for a Girls Night Out/Birthday party. Wow! This chick Lisa Parade and her buds!! What a hoot. Her website says she’s happy and I’m saying she wasn’t lying! She and her buds  came to see the other band that was playing upstairs but ended up hanging with me til 11pm…We sang our butts off. We “traded 4s ” which means we traded solos on “Take the A Train.”  I played the piano and she played a killer drum solo on the table with her knife and fork. She taught me a new tune, sang with reckless abandon and generally carried on and it was great. I have played at Vitello’s many a time and usually the back room is empty by 10p or so and Friday we were still going strong at 11p.

Great new room. Great new decor. Fun. People hung out and had a great time.

It was like heaven…11pm and we’re singing Piano Man and these beautiful smiling happy people and wow!! Fun it was!

I’m such a nerd to not bust out my camera ( new phone 5 mega pixel camera, a whole nother blog….)

Ok, Friday was amazing.

And I have just been noticing lately that my playing and interaction with people is at a whole new level and FUN!

Then on the Saturday I played at a fundraiser and had a blast playing with the drummer Bob Sullivan and guitarist Chris Noel.

Gigs here

Sunday was bliss. I spent the day after my church gig which went well ( great hymns-I love them) in the studio.

I mixed this amazing  song that  Solomon Melnick and I have been working on and then did some georgeous tracks for my bud Tracey for her amazing tune about DC.

I cannot tell you what a pleasure it really is to sit in my studio and create. I could do that 48/7 and not even think about anything but tea and music.

I do love my studio.  I have been using mostly “Ableton Live” which is basically a software studio to die for, and all kinds of software that I have, to create, create, create.

I have the best job imaginable. I love it.

As a matter of fact one guy in Vitello’s who was there celebrating a birthday with a bunch of his friends said he could tell by how I played that I loved what I do.

I love that guy!!

He’s right!

My life rocks.  What makes it rock more is more creation! : ) Let me know if I can help you put more life into your life! : )

What makes your boat float?

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  1. Awwwww! You said nice things about me! Thank you so much. Rob and I had such a good time hanging out with you that night. You are a fantastic musician and it was a real pleasure listening to you. I LOVED hearing your Tom Petty version of Free Fallin’. Totally great. Italian food, martinis and great piano songs. A perfect night.

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