Pianist For Hire Los Angles Marc Bosserman

Super Pianist for Hire in Los Angeles!

Yes, pianist for hire in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for…parties, events, weddings, fundraisers. If piano and vocals can make it more awesome…I’m in! :  )

And…here is how it breaks down:

First: Super! Check out my reviews on Yelp. Many of them appear on this site.  Bottom of the page http://marcbosserman.com

I love what I do. My viewpoint is that music is for people. I love to make amazing live music for cool people. A memorable moments are my product.

I grew up in a house that had a piano and my dad was a professor who loved to have his students over and often they would sit around the piano with guitars and the piano and everyone sang and had a blast. WOW!

Live music resonated with me as super fun and amazing for a very young age.

Los Angeles Pianist for Hire

Also Super: I have a huge repertoire ranging from 1920s, 30s, 40s etc.. straight up to contemporary songs by Adlele, John Mayer, Brundo Mars, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay etc…

Next to cover the  “Pianist”: Currently I’m playing some awesome piano for an event  or parties or in an extablished venue … between 10 and 15 times every week. Quite a variety of venues and playing situations. Many venues I play at either have a real piano or a digital piano. But if not I also have digital amazing piano and sound system and will travel.

For instance, you can find my gig page on this site at http://marcbosserman.com/gigs .

Some of my gigs  will not be listed particularly if they are private events.

And,  keep in mind I could be playing luncheons and parties and weddings etc.. providing piano music solo  and or often I play the piano and sing.


Super Pianist for Hire in Los Angeles!

For Hire: this is my passion and I recognize that for me to do what I am  passionate about I need to have a good business plan. Otherwise I don’t get as many opportunities to play.

So I make every effort to make every time I play very great for the audience.

And I try to make it fit the concept that whoever is planning the event has. And then…

I try to exceed expectations. My goal is to create music that makes the moments special.

Let me know what you’re planning and let’s create an amazing event.



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