Super Live Music! at The Varnish by Studio City Piano Player!!

There are two things I wish I had right now. One would be any of the photos videos or whatever is around (bootleg recordings, whatever) from Tuesday night at the Varnish.

We, being myself on piano, Bob Sullivan on drums and Roman Cirwinski on upright bass, played
from 830 to 1230.

Played and SLAYED should be more like it.

Something about that last set where all of a sudden 30 plus years of playing culminated in a trio going over the top and a crowd going ballistic!

Let’s just say…my favorite night at the Varnish in over two years of playing there!

And what’s cool is that the Trio is going to be a regular “last Tuesday of the month” now! Whoooo hooooo!

So, I’ll be solo all the other Tuesdays and the trio will join me on the last on every month!

Very sweet!

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