Streaming Live Piano and Vocals

Streaming Live piano and vocals as often as possible these days.

It’s a crazy time. I was playing 15 -20 times a week before the pandemic landed.

Since then I’ve been re-inventing myself as a Streaming Pianist also doing Tracks, writing songs to play live. Producing song for Spotify and all streaming services.

I still try to play as often as I can.

So far I’ve been streaming on Twitch at Https://

And on Facebook

Also, youtube.

Streams usually occur at 5-7pm and most days.

Additionally then, I’m writing music like mad! And performing it on these streams. plus I’m producing it for my spotify etc…

Plus I am doing as many zoom gigs as I can . Usually, 4-10 a week and then I’m playing live as I can book gigs.

This has been very slow but I’m hoping as you read this you will be contacting me about some great idea you have! : )

I hope this pandemic has somehow been really great for you and your family and friends.

And I’m looking forward to more fun and mega creativity in the future! : )

By the way if you want to contact me the info is here

If you need Streaming LIve Piano and Vocals I’m very interested in playing for you.

Streaming Piano and Vocals
This is what I’m all about!

Book Streaming Piano and Vocals Here

Contat me here

or email [email protected]

Let me know what I can do to make your world ROCK or Jazz or whatever will be awesome! : )

If you want to check out my music check out Spotify here!

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