Stevie Wonder and Mr Los Angeles Pianist/Vocalist!

Last night I was playing a request of “Ribbon in The Sky” (and killing it) for one of the lovely patrons at Larsen’s Steakhouse in Valencia and she busted out her phone and took a photo or a vid. (nice)! : )
Anyway I followed it up with “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” just because… know!

And she and I loved/love that one too! : )
But then…on my break she told me she was super good buds with Stevie and had sent him the vids and she knew that he would love them. : ))

This is what  I love about being a Pianist?vocalist in Los Angeles. Legends are locals!

No big deal! : )



So I will just  mention in passing my other blog post where I played for Bonnie Raitt and didn’t even realize it was her…until she was leaving after she had made her table tip me very well indeed!

Bonnie Raitt Blog Post Here!

Or the time I played for Drew Barrymore and Will who sat right next to the piano for several hours as we became “bros” in The Varnish downtown Los Angeles.

I might even mention private events I’ve had the honor to play for one for  one of the coolest people I ever met John Travolta!

Or how about accompanying Tom Jones at a party one night!

Rosanne Barr…Cameron Diaz…I love Los Angeles! : )

It is the City of Angels!
It’s  where I play the piano and sing for a living and make it even more beautiful for all the cool people! : )


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