Rocket Man!


Amazing song! : ) Love singing it.

M: )

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5 thoughts on “Rocket Man!”

  1. Aha! Marc that was seriously boss of you to do that song! I loved it. Most surely one of my favorite covers. Keep it up Marc. Love your music!

  2. Marc, that was absolutely incredible. I had heard you were a musician, back when you and your wife Joni worked in LA. But I certainly didn’t know how beautifully you played and sung. Fantastic. I think you should release the song. It was very popular and you do a beautiful job – could be a break into the field. (Remember Dixie Chicks did cover for a Stevie Nicks song – forget the name – maybe Climbed A Mountain?) – and it became a great hit because they did it well, and it was a great song. Same here. Well, that’s my blah blah for the day! I play some piano too. Learned classical/reading when young, but now trying to learn the piano w/out music. Not professional level like you, but not bad. I also paint a bit with watercolor. Will share if you want, but would need your email.

  3. Hey, what’s up?
    It’s the kid that you met over at Vitello’s.
    You’re a very good singer ๐Ÿ™‚
    Well how is it going? Did the tip jar become full?

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