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Reviews Best Pianist Los Angeles!

I like Reviews and am striving to be the Best Pianist Los Angeles.

Whatever that might be. For one thing, I don’t think any one person can be the absolute best for every person.

For instance, I remember one time a concert pianist hired me…I mean a concert toured the world, pianist hired me to play for himself.

But the function was a private party and the person wanted to have a pop song played on a very worn-in instrument.

And, this pianist had heard me playing in a hotel lobby playing, pop tunes…and, many times.


So I got to go to a party with this incredibly fine pianist -named Mario. And I played this very old piano -not incredibly well cared for. And actually to me, having played in many situations that were not concert halls on immacultly cared for pianos… this was just another instrument to see what rare beauty might be conjured from.


But alas…I digress.

This blog post is about a fine review I recently received on Yelp.

There’s my yelp page if you would like to see it- ‘in the raw ‘ as they say.

And here it is below!

Reviews Best Pianist Los Angeles!

5.0 star rating 9/14/2017
“Marc was phenomenal! Great music and easy to work with! I highly recommend Marc for any event!!!! Thank you!!!”



and while we’re at it….here’s another one….

Reviews Best Pianist Los Angeles!


“Mark sang and played the keyboard beautifully for my father-in-law’s 80th surprise party. He’s got a lot of energy and knows all the great songs. He even accompanied our 14-year-old son who played his tenor sax. It was awesome! Everyone enjoyed his music and he really made the party special. My sister-in-law even got to sing some Italian family favorites as Mark graciously played along. We highly recommend Mark.”



That one was also fun to get to play for…the 14 year old son who could play a pretty man sax and the lovely sister who sang Italian songs!

if you like:

Reviews Best Pianist Los Angeles!

And would like to BOOK me…Or just chat about what you have in mind to make your event amazing….

Music here-if you want to hear samples.     Scroll Down a bit….

Thanks for visiting.

Make it amazing!!


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