I wanted to start posting a post of my songs one at a time. Maybe weekly so that they could get a little exposure. After all what good is a song if it’s trapped on a harddrive and never listened to.

Actually that’s sort of the idea of this song… weird segue but whatever…Actually it struck me that we are sort of trapped here on earth somehow.

And we maybe were once totally free and somehow wound up here as a sort of prison. Like the Matrix or something.

My sentiment is I’m breaking out. Here’s the track.

I produced it in my studio. I’m always getting new tools and trying them out and I sort of operate on the idea that if I’m going to be “allowed” to keep doing art my best guarentee is produce actual songs.  So I had the idea and I just started tracking stuff and this is what came out.

I also do a really chill piano version that is more sort of bluesy. But I like this I’m a freedom fanatic.

Hope you like it?

What do you think? : )

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