Pretty Good Year, So Far!! : )

Marty in The Mirror

So, I was just looking over the “quarter” that just ended…(don’t freak out, you still have three “quarters” before Christmas.)
And I was realizing how exciting it’s been and action packed.

So far I’ve played on boats (on oceans and rivers), for weddings and fancy diners and art gallery showings and  and fundraisers and
dances and parties and…in amazingly beautiful homes and churches and in recording studios and near the ocean(!!).

I’ve played inside and outside, in heat and cold, high and low- like in the mountians and at sea level.

I’ve played jazz and rock and pop and folk and hymns and  easy listening and upbeat and wow, it’s all fun

I’ve met and worked with the most awesome people. : )

And all of it (when it’s all said and done) has been fun and refreshing and challenging and helpful for lots of people and me too.

So how cool is that!?

Thanks for all your support and love. It’s so appreciated!!

I have to face it.. I have the best “job”!

Stay up with gigs here!

Photos here!

Music here!

Let me know if I can help you now or in the future…(now, that’s where the real fun is!! : ))



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