Pop up Broadway Musicals Pianist

Pop Up Broadway Musicals Pianist! : )

Pop Up Broadway Musicals Pianist? What the heck is that? : )

Well, Fun is what it is.

Ok, first off, Harlan Rotblatt called me a couple of years ago. He wanted to create a musical for the Christmas Party for his office.

And, this sounded like crazy fun.

Now, we didn’t get to do it. In fact, we just couldn’t quite get the schedules to all congeal . But it was fun to even try to see if we could work it out.

But then, A few months later Harlan calls me from a Cruise Ship where…you can only sing 1 minute of a song on the ship due to some sort of copyright infringement.

So, Harlan’s idea…just write an original song and he wrote out some lyrics and sent them to me.

Consequently, I just slapped out some really rough ideas and he loved them and they ended up singing a long with the song as it was last minute but I thought the song came out great for what it is, a very spur of the moment colaboration.

Enter Pop-up Broadway Shows!!

Anyway, fast forward from there last Christmas where we did a 35 minute musical about STDs using all kids of EPIC broadway tunes rewritten.

Bear in mind this was a very throw together cast of people from the office that could sing and perform surprisingly well.

And it was SUPER.

Finally, Last week Harlan called me for a party for someone at the office. Then, we did a cool song for that. Finally, Saturday night in Cheviot Hills we performed for a 3 song opus for a Birthday party.

And, both came out so well.

In fact they were super well recieved.

And actually, I can’t wait for the next one.

Harlan’s off to be an officiant for a wedding this coming weekend. I keep hoping he calls me with a wild idea to

do a pop-up Broaday show there too…not likly but, my fingers are still crossed! : )

And, I’m off to creating more music in as many fun ways as possible this week.

Got crazy ideas? : )

I’d love to collaborate! : )

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