Pianos, Musicals, Songs–Los Angeles Pianist Week!

Whoa! Big Week this week!

Among other things…..
I got contacted last week…to help create the music for an intriguing new musical!
The main character is… blue and…a girl ! What!? : )

Cool new students starting this week!

And…New Gigs starting! Stay tuned!
The Super Gala Fundraiser is just around the corner…rehearsals and tigers and bears…

I never posted this but I got to hang with this band… last week!

Cool Band!

…just Chillin in the Hilton Lobby Bar after their Conan O’Brien
Gig…They were awesome to hang with! (google her)

And….By the other way last week-Total blast! I got to play Parkway Grill on Saturday as well as Monday!

Met and got to play for some truly amazing people! (all week really)

And I am creating time to create New Songs and have a bunch of them

cooking…soon to be released! : )

By the way…if you haven’t heard any of my original songs/music or would like to

here’s a link…


It’s a great site! Super Artist Friendly!

And if you can hang with me…this week…

Here’s my gig schedule page….


Monday Parkway Grill-6-10p
Tues-Weds-Thurs Hilton Universal-Lobby Bar 7-10p
(Open for more awesome gigs)

Sunday-Church in the am-Gala Rehearsal!

All week-Free for all creation of amazing!

And…general whoa!!

Let me know if I can help you make yours rock it!!

And in the meantime..make it smooooooke!!



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