Piano Player for Cool People In the Los Angeles Area! : )

Monday was a really cool night.

My friend Taku emailed me and said he wanted to come down with some friends visiting and have some drinks at Parkway and listen to me play.

I love my Monday nights at the Parkway grill in Pasadena. It’s got a very nice vibe. Old school. Cool.

Great Yamaha Grand Piano. Lot’s a familiar faces and I’ve been there for 5 years or more now and it just feels comfortable.

Taku came with his rather large party around 8pm or so and they hung out until 10. We just had a great time.

It was quite towards the end of the night and I even had his father Hiroshi sing a few songs with me.

It was just a super fun time and we were all smiling. Hope to see them all again soon! : )

Pianist and Mr Taku
Los Angeles Pianist Marc Bosserman and friends! : )
Marc at Parkway with Mr Taku2
I’ve played piano at Parkway grill for over 5 years.

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