Piano Lessons, Los Angeles

Learn from one of the gigging-est pianists in Los Angeles

Piano/Singing/Music Lessons!

The Biltmore
The Biltmore

Geared towards:

  • Learning songs that you want to play.
  • Being able to get a gig and play out.
  • Knowing enough so you can be able to figure out songs that you want to learn yourself.
  • Be able to  create your own music.
  • Be able to accompany yourself singing.

Kids, adults. Creative people.

You are an artist! You just need to get familiar with the tools!

Call 8128-269-0988 or text.

Anyone can play the piano and create music!

Here’s a recent text I got from a mom.

“Marc,Thank you so much for your teaching music to Phillip. You have inspired him and playing music is truly his own interest now rather than something he has to do under parent’s pressure.

At this stage he can figure a lot of songs or music out by himself.”

Here’s another mom testimonial:

“Marc has taught piano to my son Luke for over a year.
 We love Marc!
Not only is he a great person and role model for my son, he’s a fantastic teacher.
Marc has not only taught Luke the basics of jazz, rock and improvisational piano, he’s also nurtured Luke’s composition and performance skills. Luke’s been able to write some great songs with Marc’s help.
Luke loves his lessons with Marc.  It’s everything we’d hoped for in a piano teacher!”
Note: I have gigs from time to time that I can have anyone come and sit in  and often have had my students come and do songs on the gig.

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