Piano and Vocals Amazing–Weddings, Parties, Studio etc…

This week…

I played piano and sang at one of the most beautiful weddings ever-playing a piano overlooking a spectacular Pasadena Valley!

Pasadena WOW Wedding! :  )
Pasadena WOW Wedding! : )

:  )

After the ceremony where the Groom sang the vows -I played for an upbeat cocktail hour and through diner and into a blast singing with many of the guests! :  )

Terribly beautiful and crazy fun! What a fun morning/afternoon!!


Earlier in the week I was asked by amazing singer songwriter Diane Rose to put some keyboards on her beautiful upcoming release. Such a thrill to be able to contribute to such a fabulous song and work in the amazing Echo Bar Studio with awesome Diane and Iconic Bob Horn?? What!? :  ) Cool!

I can ‘t wait to hear the final mix. 

In the meantime working with Sylvan Da La Cruz on his upcoming EP. We’re tracking vocals and working with super sax player Rick Rossi among others.

And mentionable…I played a brand new venue Oceanview Restaurant where I did a last minute sub for guitarist Mike West and went and played for the cool clientele on Saturday night after the wedding!

Oh, did I mention the Christmas/Jazz trio featuring the man Bob Sullivan on Drums and the legendary Rickey Woodard on Sax at Bloomingdale’s? Or how about the rad Rotary Luncheon?

Super Trio, Marc ,Bob, Rickey! : )
Super Trio, Marc ,Bob, Rickey! : )

And of course my regular fun at Parkway Grill, Red Restaurant and Larsen’s! Such a fun week!

Red Restaurant! Tuesdays! 6:30-9:30p
Red Restaurant! Tuesdays! 6:30-9:30p

This upcoming week is Christmas Party ramp it up week. I’m going to do about 12 gigs this week…can’t wait. 

Got an event? Luncheon? Song you need amazing keys? You may need an amazing pianist singer, a duo, trio, quartet etc…studio, I love working with cool people!

818-269-0988 texts are great.


5 Yelp stars :  )


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