Pianist Vocalist Sings Sinatra

Pianist Vocalist Sings Sinatra!

Yes, Pianist Vocalist Sings Sinatra! That’s me.

Pianist Vocalist Sings SinatraI really love Frank Sinatra!

Did you know that Sinatra recorded 1766 different songs? : )

He was a “rock star” even before Rock. I’ve heard it said that he was the first Rock Star. I mean, even before the Beatles when Frank showed up the girls would scream and faint.

Actually, he recorded over 3000 songs!!

Not a stylist so much as a rare artist who “OWNED” these songs. Sinatra worked with the best arrangers in the biz and despite not knowing how to read music- yes, Sinatra did not know how to read music- despite that, he would tell the worlds best arrangers how to arrange the songs.

He fixed the tempos and other parts that didn’t fit his vision.

By the way, what do I mean he “OWNED” them?

Well, Think Patsy Cline- Everyone knows she owns “Crazy” that song is Patsy Cline. But in fact, Crazy was written by Willie Nelson.

But Patsy, she “OWNED” it.

Frank did not write a lot of songs he sang but there are soooooooo many that are just “Frank Sinatra Songs”.

As a matter of fact, I heard my total favorite pianist Erroll Garner play the piano when I was in 9th grade. My sister came to the concert too.

We went back stage after the concert to meet him. Just walked back stage and met him.

And  my sister said to Erroll Garner- who was one of my favorite pianists- “I loved the Frank Sinatra. ”

Which I thought was funny.

But I digress.

These days,  I love playing Sinatra. And I think it’s crazy amazing that today 2019 one of the biggest reqests I get in the 10-15 gigs I play every week  is play some Sinatra.

Which is wonderful because it gives me 1766 songs to choose from. How crazy is that.?!

Here are some of my  favorites.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

That’s Life

The Lady is a Tramp

There are so many!

Pianist Vocalist Sings Sinatra! Booking and More Info:

Want the lowdown on how to book me…it’s easy, Even if all you want to do is just inquire.

Book me here. https://marcbosserman.com/contact or even text me 818-269-0988 ! : )

If you would like to find more reviews:

There are many great reviews on Yelp! https://www.yelp.com/biz/marc-bosserman-pianist-and-vocalist-beverly-hills

Want the Schedule?

Get the details on gigs at https://marcbosserman.com/gigs

And I’m forever looking for new venues, new people to entertain. New songs that people might love!

Come and hear me live at Red most Fridays, or The Parkway Grill on Thursdays Sundays at Larsen’s Valencia. But, always check the schedule.

I play 15 times a week – more or less. Get the latest here or sight up for the email list to stay updated.

Text “marc” to 345345 to get added to my email list or use the form on this site.

You can get many different opportunities to connect.

Listen on Spotify or Itunes! Or, anywhere you stream. Just do a search for Marc Bosserman.

And please if you love Sinatra come and reqeust your favorite! : )

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