Pianist Vocalist Los Angeles Music

Pianist Vocalist Los Angeles Music.

The reason I’m going to do this post is because it could be hard to find examples of different styles that I might play for different event types.

I like to play for people. If I could book 6 gigs a day I would. It’s just the funnest thing that I can think of to do.

And it’s the most beneficial thing I can do for myself and for others.

But, there is a great difference in the varitey of different playing situations that I can and do play regularly.

For instance, for a wedding ceremony the music is usually really beautiful and very chill and atmospheric.

And the type of thing I might do is more like this:

100 0 Years

Where as a more rocking party might be higher engergy like…

This one actually starts out slow but then cranks out! : )

Here’s one that rocks out too! : )

Then there are more chill Jazz sort of gigs that need a different feel.

For instance many it’s smooth jazz gig night.

The point is, every performance and venue has a unique demand and desire.

I always ask the person who is hiring me and / or the band for as much info as possilbe to get what is really needed and wanted.

And then , I can get to work on it.

Here’s some of the more jazzy vibe stuff…

Or, how about this one? : )

Pianist Vocalist Los Angeles Music and More Info

Want the lowdown on how to book me…it’s easy, Even if all you want to do is just inquiry.

Book me here. https://marcbosserman.com/contact

If you would like to find more reviews:

There are many great reviews on Yelp! https://www.yelp.com/biz/marc-bosserman-pianist-and-vocalist-beverly-hills

Want the Schedule?

Get the details on gigs at https://marcbosserman.com/gigs

And I’m forever looking for new venues, new people to entertain. New songs that people might love!

Come and hear me live at Red most Fridays…

I play 15 times a week – more or less. Get the latest here or sight up for the email list to stay updated.

You can get many different opportunities to join the fun.

Listen on Spotify or Itunes! Or, anywhere you stream. Just do a search for Marc Bosserman.

Thanks for dropping by!

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