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Pianist Singer Additional Services

So how does Pianist Singer Additional Services come into play?

Well, it’s amazing how I’ve wanted to have time to concentrate more on going on the internet and getting more “Live steams” – where you just play live on the internet-!

And I’ve wanted to have more time to do more marketing or my songs and writing more originals and all kinds of artist stuff…

Now, I haven’t had time for any of this but….now…..

Well, the great thing is now I have that time!! I’m going to be honest…I want my gigs back!

And so,  this is clearly- be careful what you wish for! 

For example, this week and instead of my 15 gigs…I have 2 gigs lined up!

And I’m now really motivated for the exciting opportunity to try new frontiers and to dust off other frontiers!!

But, with creativity and MUSIC- anything can be handled. 

So the plan is: 

1.) I’m going LIVE on Facebook. ( a lot) 


As a matter of fact, let me know what you’d like to hear and I’ll play it for you! : ) 
 As a matter of fact, I usually say, If I  know it I’ll do it and if I don’t I’ll….probably try it.
Therefore, please follow the link and like my page if you haven’t yet and it should let you know when I’m Live. 

And, In the meantime:

Patron Strategy

2.) I’m creating a “Patron” Strategy and website with special perks for anyone who would just like to be a supporter (  read “producer”/ “angel”– in other words I love you like crazy ) for my career as an artist! 

And, It is here https://www.patreon.com/marcbosserman

Ok, if you are awesome and clicked there and I was out of my mind and there’s no page found or something clearly, I’m just dragging my promotional butt.

But, let me clarify this concept for you.

Now, Beethoven and dudes like Beethoven for instance ..and even currently Ballet companies and other fine arts Opera houses, symphony halls etc…are supported through patronage.  And, currently more and more artists, musicians and bands are being supported by fans who are in fact patrons of the arts.

Yes, I’ve had some incredibly beautiful people already respond to my very initial communications (Social Media Posts) with very very appreciated love and support !! 

So, what are you about supporting? You’re supporting the life that keeps people from going completely crazy from the struggle of life. People like me who spend their whole lives working to elevate life to a more beautiful level…
While some tiny percentage of people are into crushing all the fun out of it…yuck.

So if you are amazing enough to support my art, you are indeed supporting every other person that my art might touch and who might be inspired and who might create more in their lives because of that!

it’s pretty cool to support ART!

And personally, my Patron People are so awesome! : ) 

Pianist Singer Additional Services – Even More

3) Plus with the help of my patronage, I’m going to produce and post more music all over the internet.


And, Here’s my Spotify link.

Additionally, you can listen to my solo piano record of Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush here

I’ve got some originals there my first CD Mostly Live is there in full. 

And I’m going to post more vids on Youtube- there are 250 there now….10,000 on the way!

Additionally, I have tons more out there. Google me or Siri me or whatever you do to internet search!

4: ) And I am into creating tracks for people.
For instance, I’ve recently created piano parts for songs for Songwriters and producers. ( you have the song and need someone to play piano on it. I can play it.) 
Additionally, I have made Karaoke tracks for performance use.   (I can do a piano or instrumental track in your key…and in your style)
Plus, music for use in videos or advertising. ( I’ve done lots of this) 
Also, I have produced projects for Film, TV and Singer-Songwriters.  ( award-winning stuff) 
And I’ve produced a lot of my own music. 

So again, If you know anyone who needs tracks let me know. I’m ready to rumble. I’m usually really fast. 

I am open to any other ideas. 

5. ) I’m even open to coming and doing intimate concerts for you or anyone you know if it’s in the LA area. Very good rates! : )  ( and come to think of it currently airfare is practically free soo…) 

Pianist Singer Additional Services Lessons Anyone?

6:) I can ado Skype music lessons! Or Facebook Video messager…you get the idea. Or come to you if you’re in the LA area and I’m very hygienic. 

And then: YOUR IDEAS are very appreciated…

Plus, I’m sure I’ve done lessons on how to record and perform and singing too. 

And of course, let me know if you know anyone who needs helps. Feel free to bandy my name around! : ) 

And lastly please be as creative as you can and as helpful to everyone around you as you can be. The futrure will be as good as we are creating it right now. : ) 

And We all want it to be REALLY BEAUTIFUL! 

So, let me know how I can help! : ) 


And Finally, thanks for reading this!!

P.S.Dont’ forget: Stream some solo piano Neil Young or standards or some of Marc’s originals on iTunes on Spotify! Hire me for your intimate house concert. Just the two of you…Listen to your favorite songs of my Youtube and Subscribe Tips, Patronage, Support: Venmo @marc-bosserman     Zelle use Marcboss@earthlink.net Paypal https://paypal.me/marcbosserman

Pianist Singer Additional Services: Booking!!

Now, booking …it’s easy, Even if all you want to do is just inquire. So, just reach out!

Or, Book me here. https://www.marcbosserman.com/contact or even text me 818-269-0988! : )

Additionally, you can check out the reviews on Yelp! https://www.yelp.com/biz/marc-bosserman-pianist-and-vocalist-beverly-hills

Get the Schedule?

Ok, get the details on gigs at  https://marcbosserman.com/gigs if it’s a pandemic the regular scheule will be being interrupted.

And I’m forever looking for new venues, new people to entertain. New songs that people might love!

Additionally, as long as I’m not playing a private event you can hang out and hear me live at Red Restaurant at the Pacific Palms Resort in City of Industry most Fridays, or The Parkway Grill – in Pasadena on Thursdays Sundays at Larsen’s Steakhouse in Valencia. But, always check the schedule. And text me if you want to be sure. I often book private events and can’t always update my schedule.

And, here’s a song list too https://marcbosserman.com/song-list

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