Pianist Making Amazing Music for Cool People–Los Angeles!

There’s a lot of cool people in Los Angeles!

Cool People!

They can come up with a lot of opportunities to make cool music for them.

I’ve been playing about 350 gigs a year for the past some years (I’m ready to play 500!

From what I see…

Music can make any day even more amazing.

Imagine a movie with out the music!


A wedding can be so elevated by the right music.


A diner transforms with the perfect music.

Any event can go from ordinary to extraordinary with music.

I love pianos.


I’ve played since I was 8 years old. Since about the first note I wanted to be able

to transform my minds eye into real life.

Play what I hear.

There will never be anything as beautiful as pure thought but…the more one can bridge the gap…

The better.

I love what I do. I make amazing music-for cool people.

For weddings…

Parties….Proposals….naming ceremonies…reckless crazy ideas…funerals…

I also create music for TV, Videos, advertisements, movies…

And I love the challenges and the unique aspect of every gig.

If you know anyone who wants to make life more beautiful and amazing, let me know.


Yeah Baby!

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