Pianist in Los Angeles at Season’s 52! : )


Good times! This past week I had the pleasure of playing at this great venue.

It has one of the best setups for a singing pianist I’ve ever Sat at. A fanatic monitoring system so that you can hear your voice and piano very well.

The way it’s set up is really cool too the piano is right smack in the actual middle of the bar. So when people come on any sit at the bar they are all around the pianist.

The food is AWESOME! The menu changes with the seasons and every item on the menu is less than 475 calories. Nice!

One other thing I like about this venue is the actual music wanted there is contemporary. So, it’s been great plaything there and learning a bunch of very current and very cool tunes.

Some of my favourites…”Hey, ho”! By a band called The Lumineers!


Radiohead! And ,I love Mumford and Sons.

Any way I can think of worse places to play the piano in this town!

And..there’s a new one opening up in Santa Monica very soon.

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