Mr Pianist Glendale

Pianist Glendale Performs- Everyone Has Blast! : )

On Saturday I was Mr.Pianist Glendale. An awesome man turned 70 and family and friends came out and celebrated.

And, we all had a BLAST!!

Mr Pianist Glendale

Some highlights:

Firstly great location in Glendale. Right near the Americana- Brandview LA Banquets.

It’s a very busy place for weddings, parties and all kinds of functions going on.

Second, the awesome guy we were honoring. Beautiful Filipino man,  with a fantastic family and friends.

A super great group of people.

I love the Filipino community.

Lots of kids and all other ages of cool people and then there’s this beautiful sense of family.

They wanted to me to do standards (American Songbook) but also classic rock. Then I found out that Elton John was one of

the honoree’s favorites. And, I know tons of Elton John songs so I had a great time pulling out my Elton John repertoire.

And since I had been asked to bring extra mics….. I had the honoree’s lovely wife come over and sing with me and then…One of the sons…came over. He sang some Standards…and oh my…Then, I had requests for  “Moon River” New York, New York”  etc…

Then, one of the friends came over and did a beautiful version of “Girl From Ipanema”.

And another son came over and sang Howie Day’s beautiful song,  “Collide”. Nice!


Booking for Mr Pianist Glendale


Reviews: There are lots on this site… but you can also go to  Yelp!

Or, text me 818-269-0988 or call.

Remember, I love to play.

And, my job is to make the world-your world amazing and memorable!

It is! :  )

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