Pianist for Parties La Habra – Super Fun Birthday! : )

Pianist for Parties La Habra – I might have thought not too likely before Saturday. But after Saturday I just want to go back!

Emily hit 40 and her party was a huge hit!

I mean, I have friends for life after that fun night!

First off, her whole party was for a piano bar and the space was just set up with the piano as a highlight.

Now, that’s different from sometimes when I paly were I’m really adding ambience.

For this night I was the center of wow!

One guy even jumped on the table and…

We sang songs for 5 hours straight as people drifted in and out of the room. Sometimes it was intimate and cool. And then it got anthemic and wild.

Emily was a doll. I think the highlight for me, was singing with her. : )

Pianist for Parties La Habra
Amazing! : )

Well, I will admit a couple of the best renditions of Piano Man and Mr Jones-EVER!!!

I don’t think there is a sound more cool than a room full of people singing just for the sheer fun of it.

Can you think of anything more awesome? : )

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