Pianist Entertainer Los Angeles

Pianist Entertainer Los Angeles– Strikes Again! : )

So…why Pianist Entertainer Los Angeles Strikes Again? : )

It was a great week. I had a great time playing at…The Pacific Palms Resort, The Parkway Grill, The Gallery Bar and Larsen’s Restaurant in Valencia, among others.

As a matter of fact, every night had it’s own unique vibe and personality.

So, last night I was talking to some of my regulars at Larsen’s and they said something that I thought was interesting. They pointed out that I tend to interact more with the audience than other pianists who play there.

In fact, I had one of my good friends at Red in The Pacific Palms Resort tell me that on Tuesday.

And then, on Friday, one of the waiters at the Biltmore at the end of the night said he loved how I interacted with people.

And, he said that that it was sort of unique. Plus, he said that he loved it because it made people really happy. :  )

Well, I come from a background of hanging out around the family piano with family and friends.

When people would come over to the house where I grew up we’d all sit around the piano and sing songs that everyone loved. And it was soooooo fun.

I think that those memories really motivate me to engage with people and get them to really enjoy themselves.

Case in point, these girls who came into the Gallery Bar on Friday night and kept me there an hour past my scheduled time requesting “just one more song” 20 times.

We had a BLAST!

Pianist Entertainer Los Angeles

It makes me happy to make others happy.

Also, I know that I spent time in Hawaii and gigged a lot in Waikiki when I was in my early 20’s. I was getting my feet wet. Playing tons of gigs there, trying to figure it all out.

Interestingly, almost all of the entertainers in Waikiki interacted a lot with the audience and made it really fun. And so, for me, that was always a hallmark of a great performance.

So, that’s one more reason that I think interacting with the people around me is just a basic part of my basic concept of what I do.

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