Perfect Piano and Vocals at a Recent Super Cool 80th Birthday Party! : )

I had a blast playing at Nini’s recent birthday Party!


I worked a lot with Doug whom I and my wife Joni connected with right from the start! : )


We did a modest ammount of planning and mostly just really picking out what songs that Doug and Nini wanted to sing along with


Hm…..Did I mention that they thought it would be fun to do some sort of a sing a long??


Boy were they right!!


Doug put together a list of about 40 lyrics and printed them out for the 35 of so guests and after the great diner!


We started singing and it just really took.


I have to admit I love it when people sing. It’s really interactive and so much fun to be in a room of people just singing and


having the time of their lives!! : )


We planned it out well and we pulled it off.


I don’t always think of my self as a rock star(ok, maybe secretly I do…) but this one was really fun….


And there was a lot of enthuiasm from the guest as they left and as Doug said, I think I made a lot of


new, really good friends that night! He’s right!


And then a few days later Joni and I got this really nice  email from Doug!! : )


Dear Marc and Joni,

Thank you so much for helping to make our big summer party and my Mom’s birthday celebration so memorable, special and fun!

Marc, you are such an accomplished musician and positive presence in the room –  I’m sure you could tell how engaged people were.

You were right – “Piano Man” – great way to finish.

We had lots of positive comments and I think your flyer/song lists were picked up by our guests – so hopefully some more work will come

out of this – In fact, I couldn’t find an extra – Could you email me a flyer – just so I have it on file?

Really fun night we talked about it so much yesterday.

You both were so nice to work with and I hope we can do this again sometime.



This just made our day!! : )


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