Perfect Pianist, Vocalist for Parties Los Angeles!

I play for lots of cool people infact, I am booked sometimes as much as 11 times a week.
All kinds of fine dining establishments. Weddings, Parties,Churches, Cafes, Country Clubs,
Hotels…you name it. I’m always looking for cool venues to play at and cool
people to play for!


Interaction with people is one of the most cool aspects of my job! My dad used to have parties and
he would have a bunch of his University students and friends come over and we’d all sit around the
piano and guys would have guitars and sing all kinds of songs! Amazing!!


I just love interaction.

I often engage people wherever I’m playing to see what songs they like. I have a huge repertoire and love to make the playlist
personal-tailor it.

And one of the most fun type of gigs is parties! I love to bring the perfect music to the party.

It can be American Songbook, The Standards of the 20s-40s etc…Cole Porter or Gershwin-Sinatra. I have played
parties for the Big ones…40th 50th…80th and 90th Birthdays recently!Super fun. All the great songs or those eras.


I also played a party recently for a Billy Joel Piano Bar Sing-a-long fanatic. I’m not sure how many Billy Joel Songs I know but…
it’s impressive! : ) And there are 100s of songs in that vein too…Elton John, Eagles, Stones, Beatles, etc…

And the great thing today if I’m familiar with the music I can find chords to almost any song on the internet and just do it.

There are tons of great songs and singers…Neil Young, Floyd, Bowie, Cat Stevens, Carole King, Simon and Garfunkle…etc…

I love Diane Krall and Michael Buble, Michael Franks…I’ve done jazz themed Parties with lots of that style modern Jazz singer.

There are tons of current great songs too Train, Adele, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Coldplay!! Etc..

Sometimes I work from a pre-arranged theme and sometimes I just find out what people at the Party want to hear and go for it.

And I’m not happy unless everyone there just totally loves it and has a fantastic time!

I won’t lie “You made the Party” –that’s one of my favorite things to hear!

Having a Party?

I’d love to play for you!

Contact me here!
or Text or call me 818-269-0988

One of my favorite views! : )
One of my favorite views! : )

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